For an Empowered and
Independent Association of
Ethiopian Legal Professionals

ELA is celebrating its 50th golden jublee

Ethiopian Lawyers Association is celebrating its golden Jubilee on the current Ethiopian calendar. The Association before getting its professional association status was first established as an advocates welfare association in 1957 .Then was changed into a professional association in 1958 through registration at the then ministry of Inland affairs Yehager Gezat Minister by the name of Ethiopian Bar Association. Immediately after the 1967 revolution the Association's Amharic name was changed to Ye Ethiopia yehig balemyawoch Mahiber which literally means the Ethiopian Lawyers Association But then in 1998 the general assembly of the Association decided to restore the original Amharic name and continued functioning as a professional association. Again in 2002 The Association reregistered as an Ethiopian society in accordance with the charities and societies proclamation no. 621/2001 as Ethiopian Lawyers Association or yethiopia yehege balmuyawoch mahiber the objectives and the activities remaining the same.

During the past 50 years the Association has been functioning as the main professional association for the legal profession and has been contributing its own inputs to the development of the profession as well as the legal system as a whole.

The celebration will take place on the month of July by holding different programs among which the main ones will be a two day conference which will involve national and international legal professionals and a moot court competition.









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